The Gates of Hell

"The Gates of Hell"

A stylish game like Bayonetta could not miss having a classy night club where its seductive protagonist can walk around swaying her hips and looking sexy. Oh but wait, that's what she does everywhere, not just at the Gates of Hell.
Then I get night fever, night feveeeeeeer

"Then I get night fever, night feveeeeeeer"

Bayonetta is often over the line when it comes to its plot and cinematics. And intentionally so. That's part of its charm, and it works because Bayonetta never makes the mistake to take itself too seriously. Even when we've got power rangers-like poses like this one.
Trip to Cinque Terre

"Trip to Cinque Terre"

Looking at this location I can't help but think about "Cinque Terre", the famous touristic location in Italy. The church, the houses clinging to the rocks just over the sea, everything is spot on. And Bayonetta's silhouette certainly isn't that bad to look at, too.
Remote fortress

"Remote fortress"

It doesn't get any more remote than this, if you ask me.
Sunset in White Orchard

"Sunset in White Orchard"

My compliments to the guys at CD Projekt RED. Taking good screenshots for this game is almost too easy.