The game

EVE Online was developed by CCP games and published in 2000.

EVE Online is a Space-based MMORPG where players compete for economic, political and military supremacy.

Taken on Rating Title
A little starship stands in the middle of the hangar of a huge space station. The emptyness is almost palpable. Feb 15, 2013 3/5 The emptyness of a space station
Smuggler, escort, trader, schemer, Sefir Quazen uses her charm and her savoir faire to end in her favor every potential business transaction. Jan 30, 2013 4.33/5 Sefir Quazen, a portrait
Some of the less exciting but more lucrative activities of EVE Online involve harvesting minerals on huge planets. As CEO of an industrial corporation, I own this commercial station and a bunch more. Jan 30, 2013 3/5 Customs offices
A Serpentis pirate from EVE Online tries to shot down a mining vessel. The action takes place in deep space, where laws and Concord police can't save the incautious pilot. Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Black Serpentis, purple beams
This nebula is one of the EVE Online background built from real N.A.S.A. space photographs. The resemblance with Earth auroras is stunning. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Space aurora
This Gallente stargate leads to a dangerous space sector. We wonder what could happen to us if we stayed long enough under this red sun. After all, Superman was born this way... Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Under a cold red sun
The aura surrounding this ice planet is one of the most beautiful views of the Khanid Domain. Many EVE pilots slow their ships down just to take a peek. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Peaceful ice planet
A freefalling bungee jumping Heron ship (if such thing is possible in space...). Notice the Amarr space station in the background; this Heron pilot is way out of Caldari space. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Station bungee jumping