The game

Dear Esther was developed by thechineseroom and published in 2012.

Dear Esther is a experimental first-person adventure game, originated as a Half Life 2 mod

Taken on Rating Title
When I got to the exit of this cave, I swear I just stood there for several minutes, beholding this wonderful sight. Playing Dear Esther is just taking a walk in a park, you just have to take your time  to let the beauty around you sink in. Feb 23, 2013 4.5/5 The moon eye
Dear Esther is a quite controversial media experience, due to its lack of a real gameplay. Is it a videogame? Is it something else? Well, what I ask myself is "did I enjoy it?", and the answer is "yes, definitely". Everything else matters really very little. Feb 13, 2013 4.75/5 The moon and the stairs
Let's hope none of those stalactites will fall while we ford the river Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Blue stalactites
Far in the distance, the lightouse shows us the way. It will be a long journey, but full of wonders. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Red lightouse
Exploring the underground caves, around every corner there's an unexpected beauty. The noise is deafening, but this waterfall is a joy to behold. Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Hidden waterfall
The wreck of a long-forgotten ship is almost a statement: "civilization is no longer here" Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Wooden skeleton
Strange, glowing crystals light our path as we explore this beautifully rendered caves Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Blue sand
An underground river hidden in the caves of an island in the Hebrides. Cthulhu would be happy to rent this place. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Underground river