The game

Limbo was developed by Playdead and published in 2009.

Limbo is a Indie atmospheric platform game

Taken on Rating Title
Grab the rope, stay away from the grinding cogs, run down the ladder. Life in Limbo is not for the lazy ones. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Cogs, ropes and a ladder
In a two dimensional world, reaching the other side of a pond can be quite dangerous. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Jumping Limbo flash
A premature death caused by one of the most destructive weapon know to the forest people. They're mean, the forest people... Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Smashed wood
How did I get here? Will I be able to go back? Should I go on this way? Always doubts, always questions... Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 On top of the half forest
The lake was pale and spooky. The shore is apparently calm, a safe heaven. But looks can be deceiving. Jan 30, 2013 3/5 Dark shore
The limbo is far, far away. Many gruesome deaths still lay our path to the end. Our hero dies the millionth time electrocuted by a giant H. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 Dead by a dirty cheap hotel