The game

The Witcher 2 was developed by CD Projekt RED and published in 2011.

The Witcher 2 is a Fantasy action/RPG based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski

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The inn's hall is the right place to have a beer while listening to a minstrel play. Assuming he's not completely drunk and asleep at that table. But if you are feeling hungry, you'd better head downstairs, just follow that inviting smell of hot food. Feb 12, 2013 4/5 Flotsam Inn hall
The Flotsam Inn basement looks really warm and cozy. There's stew boiling on the fire, some really good looking sausages hanging near that garlic and even some hams. Maybe we could ask that dwarf for a little pipe-weed at the end of our meal. Feb 11, 2013 4.75/5 Flotsam Inn basement
King Foltest lays siege to the castle held by Temerian rebel nobles. Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Castle siege #1
Even in the heat of battle, Geralt of Rivia steals a moment to behold the natural beauties of the land of Temeria. Jan 30, 2013 4.5/5 Postcards from Temeria #1
Geralt of Rivia stares thoughtfully at a peculiar sign. Jan 30, 2013 4.67/5 Prancing pony this is not