The game

Oblivion was developed by Bethesda Softworks and published in 2006.

Oblivion is a action role-playing open world game. It is the fourth installment in The Elder Scrolls action fantasy game series.

Taken on Rating Title
The heroine stands in the middle of an imaginary circle while the crusaders whisper their prayers. The minotaur is... is... well, is dead. Feb 18, 2013 3/5 Rituals and a dead minotaur
Two guards are looking at the twilight on top of Cloud Ruler Temple, where the last heir of the emperor lives as a refugee. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Watchtowers at twilight
After drinking too many potions, I find myself floating over the city at dawn. The geometry is psychedelic from up here. Jan 30, 2013 3/5 Psychedelic geometry
The horrors of Oblivion are still at large, but, from time to time, I try to find some peaceful place under a cherry tree to relax before the next battle. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Relax in Tamriel
After liches, ogres, wraiths and zombies, the hero of Kvatch travels to a small priory in the woods to feed his soul with the preachings of a wise priest. Jan 30, 2013 3.5/5 Sunday preachings
This magnificent cathedral in southeast Skingrad lures pilgrims from every corner of Tamriel to pray for the Nine Divines. Jan 30, 2013 4/5 The Great Chapel of Julianos