The Marquez Farm

"The Marquez Farm"

Following old Joseph's suggestion, Conway stops by the Marquez farm to ask Weaver for directions. Maybe that's non such a good idea after all.
Equus Oils

"Equus Oils"

Accompanied by our dog Homer (or Blue, or maybe he has no name at all, just that stray hat),we stop by Equus Oil on our way to 5 Dogwood Drive. Old Joseph looks in the mood for a little chat.
Cheshire smile

"Cheshire smile"

Notice the blood spots on the teeth. And the Cheshire Cat is probably the our only friend in the entire game. Very reassuring.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Even in a rat-infested sewer like the Hound Pits, one can find beauty. If he knows where (and when) to look.
Stormy night on Bottle Street

"Stormy night on Bottle Street"

After the murder of empress Jessamine, Dunwall is a militarized city. Armed Overseers patrol the streets, while the rat plague ravages the poor. On that bridge, guards are throwing at sea the corpses of plague victims.