The moon eye

"The moon eye"

When I got to the exit of this cave, I swear I just stood there for several minutes, beholding this wonderful sight. Playing Dear Esther is just taking a walk in a park, you just have to take your time to let the beauty around you sink in.
Nightclub 'The Hive'

"Nightclub 'The Hive'"

One of the most exclusive clubs in Hengsha, the Hive is also home for the crime boss Tong Si Hung. Music is too loud here for my tastes. And the admission fee is a robbery.
Rituals and a dead minotaur

"Rituals and a dead minotaur"

The heroine stands in the middle of an imaginary circle while the crusaders whisper their prayers. The minotaur is... is... well, is dead.
The emptyness of a space station

"The emptyness of a space station"

A little starship stands in the middle of the hangar of a huge space station. The emptyness is almost palpable.
The moon and the stairs

"The moon and the stairs"

Dear Esther is a quite controversial media experience, due to its lack of a real gameplay. Is it a videogame? Is it something else? Well, what I ask myself is "did I enjoy it?", and the answer is "yes, definitely". Everything else matters really very little.