Flotsam Inn hall

"Flotsam Inn hall"

The inn's hall is the right place to have a beer while listening to a minstrel play. Assuming he's not completely drunk and asleep at that table. But if you are feeling hungry, you'd better head downstairs, just follow that inviting smell of hot food.
Flotsam Inn basement

"Flotsam Inn basement"

The Flotsam Inn basement looks really warm and cozy. There's stew boiling on the fire, some really good looking sausages hanging near that garlic and even some hams. Maybe we could ask that dwarf for a little pipe-weed at the end of our meal.
Rutledge Asylum rooftop

"Rutledge Asylum rooftop"

The gameplay and level design may be weak, but the visuals of this game are simply astounding. This is the view from the Rutledge Asylum rooftop, where Alice is held for treatment.
The Elephant's Elbow

"The Elephant's Elbow"

Unfortunately, it is not possible to explore the dwellings of the Elephant's Elbow pub. It's a shame, I'd love to see a pub designed by American McGee. And the "Squid and the Fox" in the background could be even more intriguing.
The Dunwall distillery

"The Dunwall distillery"

The Dunwall Whiskey Distillery, now hideout for the local crime boss Slackjaw. I notice a certain alcooholic sub-theme in this game.