The Hound Pits Pub

"The Hound Pits Pub"

This looks like a nice place for a beer or three. If you can forget the grime and the occasional rat. I really love those whale-oil lamps, though.
Sefir Quazen, a portrait

"Sefir Quazen, a portrait"

Smuggler, escort, trader, schemer, Sefir Quazen uses her charm and her savoir faire to end in her favor every potential business transaction.
Watchtowers at twilight

"Watchtowers at twilight"

Two guards are looking at the twilight on top of Cloud Ruler Temple, where the last heir of the emperor lives as a refugee.
Cold steel

"Cold steel"

"Replace your organic arm with a vastly stronger mechanical one that will never tire, ache, or fail you" - Sarif industries commercial
Chow mein and Kung Pao chicken

"Chow mein and Kung Pao chicken"

Or maybe shrimp wonton dumplings and some Peking Duck. Or maybe...