Home sweet home

"Home sweet home"

Somebody has been smoking A LOT around here. Recently. And that is what I call a big-ass tv screen.
The sky above the port

"The sky above the port"

"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel". Or maybe even a little worse than that.
Neon tents

"Neon tents"

The entire game is filled with Blade Runner visual legacy. And I will definitely not complain about that.
Noodles and neon signs

"Noodles and neon signs"

Let's hope Gaff doesn't show up to interrupt our ramen-based meal.
The Hive

"The Hive"

"The Hive" is an exclusive club in the Kuaigan district of Henghsa city. But the name is also good for the futuristic overcrowded sprawls depicted in the game, where human beings crawl like insects.