Karnaca landscape

"Karnaca landscape"

We are welcomed to Karnaca by a peaceful whale passing by.
Cold light

"Cold light"

This is the kind of lighting I would like to have in my bedroom.
Dwarf Airforce in action

"Dwarf Airforce in action"

Let me say this: Explosions in Total War Warhammer look just great!
Dwarf Airforce

"Dwarf Airforce"

Dwarf gyrobombers have a nice steampunk feel about them. And their pilots must be more than a little crazy to willingly accept to zip through the sky enclosed in that tiny tinboxes.
Boar charge

"Boar charge"

Being a dwarf should not be bad. Except when you have the Savage Orc Boar Boyz Big'Uns charging you in battle.