Bigger life with VIGOR

"Bigger life with VIGOR"

Is it just me or that really does sound like e certain blue pill commercial?
Not creepy at all

"Not creepy at all"

Well, somebody obviously doesn't like to be disappointed.
Inadvertently funny

"Inadvertently funny"

What can I say, I really find this kind of scene somewhat funny. In a that's-really-really-REALLY-difficult-to-believe kind of way. Maybe it's Lara's pose. I don't know.
When stuff blows up

"When stuff blows up"

Another action-movie clichè, the hero jumping from a rooftop towards an helicopter. I believe we should have expected one of those.
Chicks and rifles

"Chicks and rifles"

That rifle on her back makes a nice contrast with her pretty face, doesn't it? Or maybe it's just me.