Rope bridges (again)

"Rope bridges (again)"

Rope bridges are everywhere in the game. An this is one of the easiest to cross.
A peaceful moment

"A peaceful moment"

Rigth after another excruciating experience, Lara needs a moment to rest and gather her strenght. The calm before the next storm.
A moment of desperation

"A moment of desperation"

One of the many moments of despair Lara will have to face during the game. There will be no lack of tears. This really makes the gaming experience more intense.
Hold tight, Lara

"Hold tight, Lara"

That wooden structure has been there for decades, but it chose right this moment to give in to the blowing winds. The usual action-movie clichè.
Maybe a little inexpressive

"Maybe a little inexpressive"

If I really have to point the finger, maybe Lara is a little inexpressive in some scenes. But what she lacks in facial expressions, she makes up with other... physical attributes.