Temple of Himiko

"Temple of Himiko"

I'm no expert, but the temples and shrines Lara explores during the game seem really carefully reconstructed. Good work Crystal Dynamics.
The butcher's lair

"The butcher's lair"

Lara has been captured, and when she wakes up she finds herself hanging from a hook. I believe a good old "WTF" is mandatory here.
It's Water Under The Bridge

"It's Water Under The Bridge"

Roper bridges. That's something I really hope I'll never have to touch in my life. But Lara is not that lucky.
Lara close-up

"Lara close-up"

Here is a nice close-up of the new Lara. What do you think? Do you like her? I certainly do.
World War II legacy

"World War II legacy"

The island where Lara is stranded is littered with settlements going back to World War II. This looks like some kind of japanese base.