Postacards from Dunwall #1

"Postacards from Dunwall #1"

A nice drawing depicting an assassin stalking his prey near a whale slaughterhouse. This pretty much sums up everything you need to know about Dunwall, I think.
Tricks of the Outsider

"Tricks of the Outsider"

When the Outsider summons you, there's no refusing. He simply drags you in a different world, where everything may seem dream-like but is equally lethal.
Whale salughtering

"Whale salughtering"

In Dunwall, whale oil is the main power source. It is used in lamps, engines and to generate electricity. Alas, in this screenshot you can see the consequences.
Route Zero

"Route Zero"

Finally, Kentucky Route Zero. That wasn't so difficult after all. Just needed to fix that old tv set. How come I didn't think of that...
Horses and an old Tv

"Horses and an old Tv"

Lucky for us, Shannon can fix that old Tv set old Joseph gave us.