"landscapes" themed screenshots

beautiful digitally-recreated landscapes

Taken on Game Title
An underground river hidden in the caves of an island in the Hebrides. Cthulhu would be happy to rent this place. Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Underground river
Strange, glowing crystals light our path as we explore this beautifully rendered caves Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Blue sand
The wreck of a long-forgotten ship is almost a statement: "civilization is no longer here" Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Wooden skeleton
Exploring the underground caves, around every corner there's an unexpected beauty. The noise is deafening, but this waterfall is a joy to behold. Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Hidden waterfall
Far in the distance, the lightouse shows us the way. It will be a long journey, but full of wonders. Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Red lightouse
Let's hope none of those stalactites will fall while we ford the river Jan 20, 2013 Dear Esther Blue stalactites
Dear Esther is a quite controversial media experience, due to its lack of a real gameplay. Is it a videogame? Is it something else? Well, what I ask myself is "did I enjoy it?", and the answer is "yes, definitely". Everything else matters really very little. Feb 12, 2013 Dear Esther The moon and the stairs
When I got to the exit of this cave, I swear I just stood there for several minutes, beholding this wonderful sight. Playing Dear Esther is just taking a walk in a park, you just have to take your time  to let the beauty around you sink in. Feb 12, 2013 Dear Esther The moon eye
I've never been a fan of the Tomb Raider saga. Honestly, I don't know what made me decide to buy this new chapter, but I am glad I did. I really love the new Lara, she's a more deep and realistic character than she ever was in the previous games. Mar 20, 2013 Tomb Raider The adventure begins (again)
What is a japanese-style temple doing on an island in the middle oh the Dragon's Triangle? I suspect Lara is about to find out. In a very unpleasant way. Mar 20, 2013 Tomb Raider A mysterious temple
The island where Lara is stranded is littered with settlements going back to World War II. This looks like some kind of japanese base. Mar 20, 2013 Tomb Raider World War II legacy
Here is a nice close-up of the new Lara. What do you think? Do you like her? I certainly do. Mar 22, 2013 Tomb Raider Lara close-up
Roper bridges. That's something I really hope I'll never have to touch in my life. But Lara is not that lucky. Mar 22, 2013 Tomb Raider It's Water Under The Bridge
I'm no expert, but the temples and shrines Lara explores during the game seem really carefully reconstructed. Good work Crystal Dynamics. Mar 26, 2013 Tomb Raider Temple of Himiko
Rigth after another excruciating experience, Lara needs a moment to rest and gather her strenght. The calm before the next storm. Mar 26, 2013 Tomb Raider A peaceful moment
That's a pretty suggestive night-time landscape, with the clock tower, the moon and all. Shame for that Tallboy that really had to ruin my screenshot. Nasty piece of work those Tallboys. Mar 19, 2013 Dishonored Photo crasher Tallboy
A monster made of steel and concrete, Kaldwin bridge really fits very well in the steampunk-like world of Dishonored. And by the way, it's crawling with guards. And I've got to cross it. Mar 19, 2013 Dishonored Kaldwin bridge
In Dunwall, whale oil is the main power source. It is used in lamps, engines and to generate electricity. Alas, in this screenshot you can see the consequences. Mar 19, 2013 Dishonored, the kinfe of Dunwall Whale salughtering
If I were him, I would not sleep too tightly... Jun 17, 2015 The Bridge Escherian dreams
This is the kind of lighting I would like to have in my bedroom. Nov 25, 2016 Rise of the Tomb Raider Cold light
We are welcomed to Karnaca by a peaceful whale passing by. Nov 30, 2016 Dishonored 2 Karnaca landscape
My compliments to the guys at CD Projekt RED. Taking good screenshots for this game is almost too easy. Nov 30, 2016 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sunset in White Orchard
Looking at this location I can't help but think about "Cinque Terre", the famous touristic location in Italy. The church, the houses clinging to the rocks just over the sea, everything is spot on. And Bayonetta's silhouette certainly isn't that bad to look at, too. May 9, 2017 Bayonetta Trip to Cinque Terre