"gore" themed screenshots

graphic violence visually depicted, especially the realistic depiction of serious physical injuries involving blood, flesh, bone and internal organs.

Taken on Game Title
Lara has been captured, and when she wakes up she finds herself hanging from a hook. I believe a good old "WTF" is mandatory here. Mar 26, 2013 Tomb Raider The butcher's lair
I really don't know how to comment on this. Really. You think on something by yourself, thank you. Mar 26, 2013 Tomb Raider Blood, blood, blood
Well, somebody obviously doesn't like to be disappointed. Jun 17, 2015 Bioshock Infinite Not creepy at all
Well, my dwarfs definitely are. And with good reason. 
(My dwarfs won that battle, btw) Jul 12, 2016 Total War: Warhammer Who's afraid of Grimgor?
If you think this situation looks hopeless, the you don't know the resilience of a dwarf Lord. This little guy here (Lord Byrrnoth Grundadrakk) got out of this bloody mess with barely a scratch. Of course, facing a greenskin general is another matter... Jul 12, 2016 Total War: Warhammer The Green Sea
Being a dwarf should not be bad. Except when you have the Savage Orc Boar Boyz Big'Uns charging you in battle. Jul 14, 2016 Total War: Warhammer Boar charge