"sci-fi" themed screenshots

Alien and bizarre landscapes, strange spaceships prowling the deeps, futuristic cities crowded with cyborgs. Everything related with the science fiction genre that we love so much.

Taken on Game Title
A freefalling bungee jumping Heron ship (if such thing is possible in space...). Notice the Amarr space station in the background; this Heron pilot is way out of Caldari space. Dec 28, 2012 EVE Online Station bungee jumping
The aura surrounding this ice planet is one of the most beautiful views of the Khanid Domain. Many EVE pilots slow their ships down just to take a peek. Jan 4, 2013 EVE Online Peaceful ice planet
A Serpentis pirate from EVE Online tries to shot down a mining vessel. The action takes place in deep space, where laws and Concord police can't save the incautious pilot. Jan 5, 2013 EVE Online Black Serpentis, purple beams
This nebula is one of the EVE Online background built from real N.A.S.A. space photographs. The resemblance with Earth auroras is stunning. Jan 5, 2013 EVE Online Space aurora
This Gallente stargate leads to a dangerous space sector. We wonder what could happen to us if we stayed long enough under this red sun. After all, Superman was born this way... Jan 5, 2013 EVE Online Under a cold red sun
Some of the less exciting but more lucrative activities of EVE Online involve harvesting minerals on huge planets. As CEO of an industrial corporation, I own this commercial station and a bunch more. Jan 24, 2013 EVE Online Customs offices
Let's hope Gaff doesn't show up to interrupt our ramen-based meal. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Noodles and neon signs
The entire game is filled with Blade Runner visual legacy. And I will definitely not complain about that. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Neon tents
If that is the "better tomorrow" awaiting for us, I'm not sure I want to be a part of it... Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution For a better tomorrow
"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel". Or maybe even a little worse than that. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution The sky above the port
Somebody has been smoking A LOT around here. Recently. And that is what I call a big-ass tv screen. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Home sweet home
"Replace your organic arm with a vastly stronger mechanical one that will never tire, ache, or fail you" - Sarif industries commercial Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cold steel
Or maybe shrimp wonton dumplings and some Peking Duck. Or maybe... Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Chow mein and Kung Pao chicken
"The Hive" is an exclusive club in the Kuaigan district of Henghsa city. But the name is also good for the futuristic overcrowded sprawls depicted in the game, where human beings crawl like insects. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Hive
Smuggler, escort, trader, schemer, Sefir Quazen uses her charm and her savoir faire to end in her favor every potential business transaction. Jan 30, 2013 EVE Online Sefir Quazen, a portrait
A little starship stands in the middle of the hangar of a huge space station. The emptyness is almost palpable. Feb 12, 2013 EVE Online The emptyness of a space station
One of the most exclusive clubs in Hengsha, the Hive is also home for the crime boss Tong Si Hung. Music is too loud here for my tastes. And the admission fee is a robbery. Feb 12, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Nightclub 'The Hive'
A coin-op steampunk contraption/vending machine? Jun 17, 2015 Bioshock Infinite Steampunk coin-op