"dark" themed screenshots

Night time city landscapes. Deep space. Dump dungeons crawling with shadows. Black and dark tones dominate this screenshots.

Taken on Game Title
The lake was pale and spooky. The shore is apparently calm, a safe heaven. But looks can be deceiving. Jan 12, 2013 Limbo Dark shore
How did I get here? Will I be able to go back? Should I go on this way? Always doubts, always questions... Jan 12, 2013 Limbo On top of the half forest
The limbo is far, far away. Many gruesome deaths still lay our path to the end. Our hero dies the millionth time electrocuted by a giant H. Jan 12, 2013 Limbo Dead by a dirty cheap hotel
A premature death caused by one of the most destructive weapon know to the forest people. They're mean, the forest people... Jan 12, 2013 Limbo Smashed wood
In a two dimensional world, reaching the other side of a pond can be quite dangerous. Jan 12, 2013 Limbo Jumping Limbo flash
Grab the rope, stay away from the grinding cogs, run down the ladder. Life in Limbo is not for the lazy ones. Jan 12, 2013 Limbo Cogs, ropes and a ladder
Let's hope Gaff doesn't show up to interrupt our ramen-based meal. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Noodles and neon signs
The entire game is filled with Blade Runner visual legacy. And I will definitely not complain about that. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Neon tents
If that is the "better tomorrow" awaiting for us, I'm not sure I want to be a part of it... Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution For a better tomorrow
"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel". Or maybe even a little worse than that. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution The sky above the port
Somebody has been smoking A LOT around here. Recently. And that is what I call a big-ass tv screen. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Home sweet home
Or maybe shrimp wonton dumplings and some Peking Duck. Or maybe... Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Chow mein and Kung Pao chicken
"The Hive" is an exclusive club in the Kuaigan district of Henghsa city. But the name is also good for the futuristic overcrowded sprawls depicted in the game, where human beings crawl like insects. Jan 27, 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Hive
Unfortunately, it is not possible to explore the dwellings of the Elephant's Elbow pub. It's a shame, I'd love to see a pub designed by American McGee. And the "Squid and the Fox" in the background could be even more intriguing. Feb 9, 2013 Alice: Madness Returns The Elephant's Elbow
The gameplay and level design may be weak, but the visuals of this game are simply astounding. This is the view from the Rutledge Asylum rooftop, where Alice is held for treatment. Feb 9, 2013 Alice: Madness Returns Rutledge Asylum rooftop
Dear Esther is a quite controversial media experience, due to its lack of a real gameplay. Is it a videogame? Is it something else? Well, what I ask myself is "did I enjoy it?", and the answer is "yes, definitely". Everything else matters really very little. Feb 12, 2013 Dear Esther The moon and the stairs
After the murder of empress Jessamine, Dunwall is a militarized city. Armed Overseers patrol the streets, while the rat plague ravages the poor. On that bridge, guards are throwing at sea the corpses of plague victims. Feb 22, 2013 Dishonored Stormy night on Bottle Street
Notice the blood spots on the teeth. And the Cheshire Cat is probably the our only friend in the entire game. Very reassuring. Mar 1, 2013 Alice: Madness Returns Cheshire smile
Well, somebody obviously doesn't like to be disappointed. Jun 17, 2015 Bioshock Infinite Not creepy at all