"post apocalyptic" themed screenshots

Screenshots portraying the world after a major cataclysm, that can possibly lead to the extinction of human race

Taken on Game Title
Seattle burns at sunset, while Randall Wayne tries to escape the shadows. Shadows they might be called, but zombies is what they are... Jan 3, 2013 Deadlight Sometimes, it's good to see the world burn
No zombies to be seen. And yet, a feeling of lonely desperation clutches Randall Wayne. Jan 3, 2013 Deadlight Grim City
"No help" written on the walls of a hospital. This summarizes very well the spirit of "The walking dead". Jan 7, 2013 The Walking Dead No help
Giant red zombies haunt Randall Wayne's dreams. But maybe zombies are not the worst thing from Randall's memories. Jan 3, 2013 Deadlight Red Shadows